How to Blow Kisses with Madame Butterfly in Bayonetta 3

blow kisses Bayonetta 3: You want to fly kiss with madam butterfly in Bayonetta, most of the users want to do that but can’t but today you can fly kiss with madam butterfly in Bayonetta with laughter.

Bayonetta 3 is considered to be a great action game for the Nintendo Switch, the game will feature several unique locations.

Umbra Witch must use his signature gun and time-slowing ability to master a strange evil with ease.

Now you have to use Bayonetta’s new ability called Demon Masquerade and it channels the Demon.

Plus you can easily summon dangerous demonic loved ones like Malfa and Gomorrah into battle.

In this game, you will find many new quests, objectives, and the latest weapons that you can easily unlock.

But one of the challenges and objectives you have in this game is to “kiss them”.

You have to fight in this game in the hills of China and in the streets of Tokyo.

You must meet a virtual coven of Bayonetta’s and die as Viola, a witch with Cheshire as the perfect companion.

In this article, you will learn how to blow them up with Madame Butterfly in Bayonetta 3.

blow kisses Bayonetta 3
blow kisses Bayonetta 3

How to blow kisses with Madame Butterfly in Bayonetta 3

If you want to kiss Madam Butterfly in Bayonetta 3, you’ll have to press “ZL”.

After you press “ZL” you’ll have to press “R” once again to do the kiss.

How do you do this?

  1. Press “ZL” to summon Madam Butterfly.
  2. You now have to press “R” to blow the kiss.

Now it will take some time for you to kiss and you have to try not to get hit in the meantime.

Now for you to do three kisses later the challenge will be completed.

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