How to Find Verse 3 in Chapter 2 in Bayonetta 3

Find Verse 3 Chapter 2 Bayonetta 3: Bayonetta 3 is considered one of the very best games for the Nintendo Switch, with a variety of unique locations.

Umbra Witch will have to use its signature gun and time-slowing abilities and face strange evils.

Now you have to use Bayonetta’s new ability called Demon Masquerade which channels the connected demon.

It can also summon castes on large monstrosities such as Malphas and Gomorrah during battle.

In this game, you will find a variety of new quests, objectives, and weapons that you can easily unlock.

But now you have to find Chapter 2 and Verse 3, one of the game’s challenges and objectives.

You have to fight in the mountains of China and the streets of Tokyo in this game.

You’ll meet a virtual coven of Bayonettas, and you’ll have to die as Viola, a witch with Cheshire as a companion.

In this article, you can learn verse 3 correctly in Study 2 of Bayonetta 3 (its position).

Find Verse 3 Chapter 2 Bayonetta 3
Find Verse 3 Chapter 2 Bayonetta 3

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How to find verse 3 in chapter 2 in Bayonetta 3

In Bayonetta 3 you’ll need to go inside the building next to the “DFH” giant monitor to find Verse 3 in Study 2.

Now you will see this verse 3 located inside the building on the fifth floor under the Japanese words.

If you need to find term three, here’s how.

  1. First, you need to go to the building next to the “DFH” giant monitor.
  2. Now you have to climb above the bus stop shelter.
  3. You have to go to the fifth floor (under the Japanese words)
  4. You have to go downstairs until you see a purple light, then you go inside the building.

In this, you will have to complete the challenges in order to obtain step three in Study 2.

It’s a great “web and burns them” challenge with 2 waves.

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