245+ Funny Instagram Captions (For Friends & Selfies)

Funny Instagram Captions: You can’t think of a funny Instagram caption to use for your photo however thinking of a caption becomes a bit difficult because the caption needs to be relevant to your photo.

If you want to share a caption with your photo that is irrelevant to your photo, then this caption will have no meaning.

When you add a funny caption to your photo then your photo becomes more casual.

But if you share your photo on Instagram without any option then that doesn’t make your photo funny.

You can easily add a funny caption to your photo on Instagram if you share a photo of a dog, you are at the beach, or any other new photo on your Instagram.

However, you can also add birthday or hiking captions with your photo, which will make your photo even better.

If you still do not understand any caption you can share your picture.

In this article, we have shared more than 245 Instagram captions for friends, selfies, girls, and boys that you can share with your photo.

Through this page, you will also get to learn how to make a funny caption on Instagram and where to get ideas for funny captions.

Funny Instagram Captions

How do you make a funny caption on Instagram?

If you want to make a funny caption with your picture, then for that you have to keep a short and funny caption.

But if you want to keep your caption long then people will give interested in your caption and will not read your caption at all.

If you can’t think of a funny caption, you can describe your photo and include something humorous with your photo.

When you share your photo on Instagram, you should share a caption that is clear and understandable.

You can also try ending your caption on a laugh ticket.

But if you want to share a picture of a pet on your Instagram and you want to have a fun caption with it like “My pet just found out it’s adopted”

Where can I get funny caption ideas for Instagram?

You can see the caption shared with your friend’s picture and you can create your own caption from the same idea.

Although often people get funny caption ideas from Tik Tok, then from here you too can easily get a funny caption.

To do this you need to search for “Instagram Captions” on your Tik Tok.

You will find many such videos on Tik Tok from here you can easily get a funny caption.

You can share these captions with your photo.

Funny Instagram captions

Funny Instagram captions

  1. Don’t look at the caption, look at me
  2. I think my closet is upset… cuz it keeps throwing fits
  3. I’d stop scrolling too
  4. It Felt deleted, might be cute later
  5. When I was a little lad
  6. Cooler than the other side of your pillow
  7. Felt pretty, but it’s a daily thing
  8. shoutout to my legs for always supporting me, my arms for always being by my sides, and my fingers because I can always count on them
  9. losing everything but weight
  10. snow is white, but I’m whiter #privilege
  11. hated by many, confronted by none
  12. mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell
  13. I have 70 hobbies. The first one is traveling and the rest is 69
  14. you should be Minecraft but without the craft
  15. should I post this on it?
  16. TW: my existence
  17. the vibe is so sick I had to wear a mask
  18. IDK ask Tommy, Hilfiger it out
  19. fit hits harder than my parents
  20. face reveal
  21. beds are low-key slept on
  22. on Wednesdays, we wear pink
  23. how many vibes could a vibe check check if a vibe check could check vibes
  24. u wish this was you huh
  25. I think I caught swag, take me to a hospital
  26. why pass exams when you can pass away
  27. Pain is temporary, swag is forever
  28. If you ever feel lonely, just remember that there are millions of microorganisms around you.
  29. Ed has no gf cuz she ran away
  30. decided to post just in case any of y’all’s days hasn’t been ruined yet
  31. I’m studying without the “stu”
  32. attachment: issues
  33. the bag under my eyes is Gucci
  34. I would put a funny caption, but y’all wouldn’t understand my humor
  35. if you’re awake, you ain’t sleeping
  36. I was that song you skipped then found out it was fire
  37. shout out to my spine for always having my back
  38. I would say something catchy, but I already have your attention
  39. life is a gift, so ask for the receipt and return it
  40. I’m smart and funny #oneofakind
  41. Couldn’t sleep, thinking of beans again
  42. wearing Nike but I just can’t do it
  43. no watermelon, no sugar, just high
  44. when it doesn’t add up, subtract yourself
  45. tied my shoes, I’m done Trippin
  46. y’all few candles?
  47. all my markers dried out cause I never cap
  48. on the outside, I skirt while I’m hurt on the inside
  49. not slim, but shady
  50. they said confidence is key, but I can’t find the lock
  51. woke up and chose swag
  52. No need for compliments. It’s been known
  53. Some people are like clouds. When they disappear, it’s a beautiful day
  54. A good romance starts with love while a bad romance starts with a ra ra ah ah
  55. at least my weight is loyal to me
  56. if you’re cooler than me, comment with your credit card info
  57. live with passion, live with musical.ly
  58. POV: You this reading wrong
  59. 1 year closer to death
  60. what Dora didn’t explore
  61. You do you, while I do better
  62. If not me, then who
  63. the Jeffery to my Kanye
  64. I write in lowercase cuz I don’t cap
  65. it’s ok if you don’t like me, not everyone has good taste
  66. I ain’t a chef, but Boyardee’s pics fresh
  67. I ain’t Mary, but I’m Poppin’
  68. sometimes when I close my eyes, it gets dark
  69. And that’s on little red riding hood
  70. 1 imposter remaining
  71. jujus on the beat
  72. nothing complex bout my superiority
  73. oops I dropped my Venmo
  74. a shark ate a dishwasher
  75. drip just like the faucet
  76. it is what it is, and it’s not good
  77. no Liam, just pain
  78. weird flex, but ok
  79. if you squint ur eyes, I look kinda pretty
  80. I didn’t kill anyone, jealousy did
  81. attachment: 5 images
  82. sending it without the s
  83. smoke carts & break hearts
  84. pack it up Cody Orlove
  85. outta sight but on your mind
  86. #foryoupage
  87. no cham, just page
  88. it’s a beautiful day to leave me alone
  89. things that hit differently: Chris Brown
  90. ranch because I stay dressing
  91. 95% swag, lost 5% talking to you
  92. hi (sorry for my bad English)
  93. the roof isn’t my son, but I’ll raise it
  94. coconut oil
  95. I keep it 99% bc I b lying sometimes
  96. here is my post
  97. I’m pretty sure you are looking at an image of me
  98. if karma doesn’t hit you, I gladly will
  99. full tank bc these pics are gas
  100. was in the mood for some likes
  101. indie without the in
  102. sometimes when I shower, I get wet
  103. this better be the picture you show your friends when they ask what I look like
  104. to swag to be sad
  105. slept with glasses on so I can see my dreams better
  106. you’re a catch, but I’m not a receiver
  107. my therapist knows all of your names
  108. your favorite mistake
  109. don’t give up on your dreams, keep sleeping
  110. actual goals, af
  111. lmao lol yup
  112. a pool holds water
  113. where is my hug?
  114. y=mx+b
  115. the only ex I’ll ever miss is the extra money I had
  116. casket ready
  117. You shouldn’t be sad, bcoz sad spelled backward is das, and das is not good
  118. I have nothing cool to say
  119. like for an honest tbh and rate
  120. dead people are living my dream
  121. i’m… radio rebel
  122. It’s Nerf or nothing
  123. my crocs have holes to let out my swag
  124. there were no pickles on my big mac
  125. 2 much drip it became a waterfall
  126. My closet is bipolar the way it’s always throwing fits
  127. forgive me for I am built differently
  128. hello to those people who always look at my IG stories but never like my pictures
  129. life is a period and I am white jeans
  130. when it rains, it’s raining
  131. if you listen carefully you can hear me not caring
  132. I’m the 0.01% of germs
  133. I have a never-ending need for attention
  134. asked Michael if my caption was valid, and he said of kors
  135. it’s everyday bro
  136. saved a tortoise by throwing it in the lake today
  137. there’s a 30% chance it’s already raining
  138. if you want to eat cereal, go eat cereal
  139. sending my selfie to NASA, coz I’m a star
  140. I might trip, but I never fall
  141. always hiss at animals across the street
  142. under the influence of swag
  143. no printer, just straight fax
  144. my mom can drop us off if yours can pick us up after
  145. no carnival, no games
  146. dripping so hard I need a coaster
  147. epic by chance, swag by choice
  148. now this is cash money
  149. born at a young age
  150. we live in a society
  151. all I do is upgrade
  152. I was born on my birthday
  153. One last pic and I’ll be gone
  154. Rules? Create your own!
  155. No caption needed
  156. Life’s a soup and I’m a fork
  157. Smiling cause y’all hate to see me happy
  158. TW: me
  159. ? ???? ? ???ᵉ ᵃᵐᵒᵘⁿᵗ ᵒᶠ ᵐᵒⁿᵉʸ
  160. Light skin Kanye East
  161. he really thinks I’m obsessed with him while my friends are calling him “which one”
  162. ur bf fav acc
  163. I could say something catchy but it seems I already have your attention
  164. u stalking me?
  165. Peed me that’s explains the drip
  166. even Disney knows how hard my Pixar is
  167. they think they hurting my feelings, while they’re really hurting their chances
  168. could’ve been in NBA but god put 8-inches in the wrong spot
  169. added to wishlist
  170. spicy Pisces
  171. Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes
  172. In case you needed a new wallpaper
  173. Shoe shopping without the s’s
  174. not to be a pick me but he picked me
  175. Confidence level: Kayne West
  176. The tension between you and this post
  177. When I close my eyes, I can’t see
  178. Life is a party, I’m a piñata
  179. not harry, just-style
  180. no Malone, just a post
  181. Just updating my “this is her” picture
  182. you didn’t sneeze, but I blessed your feed
  183. I would say period, but I’m not done yet
  184. Down to earth, but still above you
  185. Roses a red, violets are blue… I have 10 fingers, tonight you get 2
  186. Never in my comments but always in my likes
  187. Homeless without m
  188. Low-quality pictures, low-quality life
  189. Violence is never the answer, it’s a question and the answer is yes
  190. Berries n’ cream
  191. Overall, I’m better at denim
  192. Real eyes realize real lies
  193. I hustle like a man cause I was raised not to depend on one
  194. At the end of the day, it’s night
  195. Blurry, but you get the picture
  196. hardly seen, always noticed.
  197. no pen, no paper, but I still draw attention
  198. if you look closely, it’s me in the photo
  199. read this if you think I’m hot
  200. Sometimes I facetime myself to see what a real one gotta say
  201. This could be sus
  202. A masterpiece just trying to master peace
  203. Stop and stare
  204. an apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough
  205. Don’t stalk me, just ask
  206. Live, love, laugh
  207. no frank, just ocean
  208. quality content
  209. you know it’s cold outside when you walk outside and it’s cold
  210. lost in my own thoughts
  211. Hello 911, I’m on fire
  212. No cap
  213. Setting the tone
  214. Victoria’s best-kept secret
  215. Paying my own bills
  216. Another day another slay
  217. Feel fab, look fab
  218. Fit harder than my childhood
  219. My condolences. I heard y’all were dying to see my lost
  220. you can look, but you can’t touch
  221. lost in the lifestyle
  222. if I was you, I wanna be me too
  223. If I told you I was satisfied, you don’t have to believe me
  224. never in my likes, but always in my views
  225. Why win when you can lose

Funny Instagram captions for friends

  1. we’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty
  2. low-quality pics, low-quality friends
  3. should I post these?
  4. Different eyes see different things
  5. for your 3 am scenarios
  6. choose your fighter
  7. it’s a package deal
  8. pick your poison
  9. on our worst behavior
  10. it’s us again
  11. forever type thing
  12. chosen family

Funny Instagram captions for selfies

  1. this is a picture of me
  2. is it cold outside or is it just my ice
  3. registered flex offender
  4. too glam to give a damn
  5. from left to right—me
  6. came back to remind y’all I’m hot
  7. my mom said I look handsome
  8. Sent from my iPhone
  9. Believe it or not, this isn’t a photo of Beyoncé
  10. the sky is almost as pretty as me
  11. just cried—explains the drip
  12. If I go missing, use this picture for the news


You know it becomes a bit difficult to share funny captions with your picture.

But in this article, you will find the best short and funny Instagram movies that you can use to share with your photos.

All these captions have been rescued from different types of social media platforms like Tik Tok.

Only funny captions are included in the table above.

If you have found any caption from the above table that you liked very much, then you can feel free to share it with your photo on Instagram.

If you want to make any new captions, then you can tell us through the comment box.

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