How to “Go through the arch” in Genshin Impact

If seen, there are many missions and quests in Genshin Impact, which you can use for rewards.

You’ll also find side quests, cutscenes, stories, and much more.

Many of the searches in this may seem easy, but it is deceptively difficult.

For example, you can get completely stuck trying to solve the puzzle here.

But you should also know that the solution to the puzzle is completely obvious.

But in many cases, many puzzles or tasks are very difficult to solve because there are little or no clues.

However, for a task in the game, you do not have to go through the arch.

But if seen, many players do not know what should not be investigated or with whom to have the right conversation.

This is because you will not be given any instructions here.

However, in this guide, you will learn how you “go through the arc” in Genshin Impact.

go through the arch Genshin impact

How to “Go through the arch” in Genshin Impact

go through the arch Genshin impact

1. Here you will learn how to “pass through the arc” in Genshin Impact

2. First of all, you go to “Vanarana, Sumeru”. World of Aranara.

3. Now click the backup icon to open your inventory.

4. You must now select “Vintage Lyre”.

5. You must click “Switch” to equip it.

6. Now you have to walk toward the light beam.

7. Now you have to make the veena play and select the illuminated vowels.

8. Your order here is ” Fa, mi, so, fa, do”.

9. You should first come from the arch.

10. Now follow the green particles you need and collect them.

11. Then you caught the bright symbol three times in the air “above the blue flower”.

12. Now you have to follow green particles and continue collecting.

13. Now you go to the other arches and have to offer phantom seeds.

Only after you select published notes, a cutout will be played.

This cutscene displays your character playing Lear.

And this purpose is changed from “playing the rhythm of great dreams at the specified place” to “going through the arch”.

However, if seen, many users are very unable to see burned notes.

But this happens because often many users choose the most likely wrong Lear.

But when you encounter a problem you need to switch to “Vintage Lyre” or another lure.

When you move the lice according to the lights-up notes once, go through the arc and follow the green particles. Unless you reach the second arch.

Final Words

Often many people do not “pass through the arc” in the Jenashin Impact, but with the ease of reading this page, it will come to “pass through the arc” in the Jenashin Impact.

If you have any comments about this article, you can tell us through a document box. We can search for your problems in a short time.

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