155+ Good, Cool, and Aesthetic Discord Server Names

Are you looking to create a Discord Server if so then you will need to choose a Discord Server name as well

But you must first select a template and if your server is for a large community or just a few friends.

After that, you can personalize it by giving it a name and icon for one of your servers.

But you know that coming up with a good Discord Server name can be a bit difficult.

But you should usually come up with a server name that is related to its niche.

For example, “If you have any gaming server maintained, you can include gaming-related words in the name of that server”.

The name of the gaming server is eg “Gamingplayer”.

Though you are going to get 155+ Gaming, Friends, Chilling, and very nice and cool beauty full server names and ideas in this article of ours.

You will also learn from this page whether Discord Server names are unique, and how to come up with a good Discord Server name.

Are Discord Server names unique

Not at all, Discord server names are not unique.

This means that you can easily use the same name as another Discord Server.

To easily add your friends to your server, you need to share your server invite link with your friends.

But if you have fully enabled discovery then your server may be set to public.

If we put it in other words, most people can find your server directly on Discord by your server name.

But you must have more than 7000 server members to enable this search.

How to come up with a good Discord Server name.

In order for you to find a good Discord Server name, you need to keep your Discord Server name short and memorable.

But usually, you have to choose a Discord server name that is completely related to your server.

For example, if your server is mostly gaming, you can add gaming-related words to your server name itself.

For example, if your Discord Server name is Gaming then you can add players to it.

But your Discord Server is for School, so you can also name it “Studywala”.

You can easily use space in your Discord Server name.

Good Discord server names

  1. Rainy Day Café
  2. Study Cabin
  3. Good Vibes
  4. Mental Hospital
  5. Chill Paradise
  6. Anti Stress
  7. Cuddle Kingdom
  8. Luna Academy
  9. The Basement
  10. Mongol Empire
  11. Gang Party
  12. The Birdlands
  13. Gaming Area
  14. Music Fam
  15. Peaceful Cottage
  16. Banana Republic
  17. Cheese Club
  18. Honey Hangout
  19. Froggie Club
  20. 100 Warriors
  21. Kingdom Of Gentlemen
  22. Banana Split
  23. The Secret Club
  24. Gamelodge
  25. Ghost Corner
  26. Pony Square
  27. Chill Town
  28. Donuts Squad
  29. The Village
  30. Art Town
  31. Brick Club
  32. Big Brains
  33. Celestial Place
  34. Cozy Corner
  35. Sweet Palace
  36. A Happy Place
  37. City of Cats
  38. Ultimate Dankers
  39. Relax Nation
  40. Cool Crib
  41. Dreamworld
  42. Money Hunters
  43. Big Brains
  44. Broad Street
  45. Good Friends
  46. Friendly Chat
  47. Confessions
  48. Nice People
  49. Heartbreak Station
  50. Beautiful People

Cool Discord server names

  1. Stoners Lounge
  2. Savage Club
  3. The Crew
  4. The Last Picks
  5. No Drama
  6. Meme Hub
  7. Chatterbox
  8. Fitness Universe
  9. Love Shack
  10. Ugly Club
  11. Gossip City
  12. Gambling Den
  13. Throw Tantrums
  14. Lost and Found
  15. Chill to the max
  16. Clean Escape
  17. Hideaway
  18. Blue Castle
  19. Be Happy
  20. Book Café
  21. Chatterland
  22. Shades Hangout
  23. The Coffee Shop
  24. Respectful Folks
  25. Lurkers Den
  26. Out of Proportion
  27. Troll Room
  28. Nice Friends
  29. Killzone
  30. Psych Ward
  31. Break from Adulting
  32. Strangeland
  33. Nomad Lounge
  34. Ducky and friends
  35. Tall People
  36. Vibes Heaven
  37. Fwog Nation
  38. Nightmare Palace
  39. Eternal Flames
  40. Play Corner
  41. Playhouse
  42. Study Cottage
  43. Dang Club
  44. Fictional City
  45. Sleepover
  46. Space Shuttle
  47. Sakura Wonderland
  48. Elevated Network
  49. Night Wolves
  50. Lone Wolves

Aesthetic Discord server names

  1. The Penthouse
  2. Bamboo Forest
  3. Lost Paradise
  4. Zen Garden
  5. Chill Treehouse
  6. Strawberry Patch
  7. Koala Bears
  8. Lazy Seal Gang
  9. Baby Witches
  10. Slumber Party
  11. The Gulag
  12. Jurassic Park
  13. Red Wolves
  14. Pizza Parlor
  15. Cool Kids
  16. The Squad
  17. Netflix and Chill
  18. Tree Club
  19. Anime World
  20. Vibe Place
  21. PretzelGang
  22. Silver Bullet
  23. Video Junkies
  24. PepeClub
  25. Friends Hangout
  26. NightClub
  27. The Project
  28. Team Monke
  29. DogeHub
  30. Just Emotes
  31. Happy House
  32. Lemon Kingdom
  33. Programming Lab
  34. Morning Commute
  35. The Bread Empire
  36. Safe Space
  37. The Creed
  38. Debate Hub
  39. Yacht Club
  40. Billionaires
  41. Depreciation Squad
  42. Lofi Café
  43. Base Resort
  44. Blossom Café
  45. The Royal Family
  46. Vibing Booth
  47. E Nation
  48. Cookie Lounge
  49. Sky World
  50. Cottage Hive


Have you found a Discord Server name you like on this page of ours?

If you like a Discord Server name from this page, feel free to use it as your own Discord Server name.

But if you can’t find a server you like on this page, you can use that as inspiration to come up with your own.

The Discord Server Names published on this page are changed from time to time, so you don’t have to think too much about it in the beginning.

Because you can change that later also by navigating to Settings.

And you can easily change your server.

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