How to Get the Month or Year From a Date in Microsoft Excel

How to Get the Month or Year From a Date in Microsoft Excel: Do you want to get month or year from the date in your Microsoft Excel, you must know that dates in Microsoft Excel you can easily keep track of finance orders and sales, it is very useful for any of your There may come a time when you want to withdraw one month or one year from entry in a position.

But you are not able to find out so functions and formulas make it very easy, in Microsoft Excel you can take out a month from any date because there are few ways to get a month in Microsoft Excel which is complete on it. Depends on the way you want to display the result as the number or word or abbreviation or not but luckily to get the year from the date entry you have to use similar methods or else you can do it.

How to get month or year with date functions.

If you want to get numeric values for 1 month long: like your 10th for October and 11th for November month and so on, the MONTH function quickly gets the whole work done but you can use it only for years One can easily use the year function as a reference.

But you should know that the syntax is the same for each function, but MONTH and YEAR (reference) here you refer to the cell.

You can very easily get the month and then a year from the date using cell A2, this formula is very useful.


When you use the A2 cell formula, you may see results like this in the cell containing the formula.

But you should remember that flow is formatted as its numeric value.

How to Get the Month or Year From a Date in Microsoft Excel

If you’ve already created your list of dates where you want to grab the month and year for each entry, you’ll need to use the fill handle to drag the formulas down to the rest of the classes.

How to Get the Month or Year From a Date in Microsoft Excel

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How to get Month or Year with TEXT Function.

It may also be that you prefer to see the name of the month instead of the number or you prefer to see the abbreviation, you can easily do this for the month by using the text function, similarly, you can do a 2-digit number for the year can also be obtained easily.

For your information, let me tell you that the syntax for the function is text (value, format, code), where both types of arguments are very much needed for you to display the month because this value is a cell containing the date and The format Code is how you are supposed to display the text.

You can get the date in cell A2 as the format code for the month by using the letter CM for the month as a full word.


But you need to pay a lot of attention here because to get the full month name you need at least four M’s within for example china the number of letters in the month name is the number of M’s but you must enter at least four of them.

You can get a 3-letter abbreviation because of the full name of the month, but you just have to use the three M’s.


If you want only two digits to appear because of the four for your year, you’ll also need to use the text function because you can use y as the format code for a year.


If you want, you can use the fill handle to easily copy the formula to the remainder of the cells.

You must know that it takes only one minute by using these methods to find a month or year from a complete date in excel, if you need more information then you can put your comment in the comment box,

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