How to Get the Institute Key Card in Tower of Fantasy

institute key card tower of fantasy: Although it is not known to many players that Tower of Fantasy released a new 1.5 update on 15th September 2022.

In it, you will find a new map called an artificial island, a home system, a new 8-player co-operative “raid” gameplay, and much more.

This new update fixes a lot of issues like icon display, stuns, interface, and many more.

However, new quest activities and monsters have also been added to the artificial island.

Now you can also easily solve puzzles and get gold nuclei and then you can also loot supply pods.

But you may not know how to solve the puzzles or the locations of gold nuclei and supply pods with this new update.

On this page, you will get to know how you get the Institute Key Card to activate the transmission device on the artificial island in the tower of fantasy.

institute key card tower of fantasy 

How to get the Institute Key Card in Tower of Fantasy

In order to obtain the Institute Key Card in the Tower of Fantasy, you must defeat the deviant in various locations.

  • Location 1: Deserted Water Treatment Plant
  • Location 2: Stone Mountain
  • Location 3: Feiyun Mountain
  • Location 4: Mysterious Tetriso Ruins
  • Location 5: Introduction to the Station
  • Location 6: Natural Dragon Tumulus
  • Location 7: Pavilion Beach

Although you need to cultivate aberrant (such as former researcher Angry Damlen) in different places in the Artificial Island to get the location key card

Then you’ll be introduced to our locations in the Nirjal Mobile Treatment Plant, Stone Mountain, Feyun Mountain, Mysterious Teetriso Ruins, Station, Natural dragon is tumulus and pavilion beach.

Although the Aberrants are random, you need to move between places to find them.

Although there are many players who do not find the flow, if you are not able to find them too, you can try to switch to a low-crowded channel.

After you have received the Institute Key Card you can activate the transmission device in the east of the deserted Water Treatment Plant to go to North Gemini Island.

Final Words

When you read this page properly, you will learn how to activate the transmission device and get the key cards on the artificial island in Tower of Fantasy.

In this article, you will get all such information, if you have any problem regarding this article, then you can tell us through the comment box, and we can solve your problem easily.

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