How to Solve the Libra Constellation Link in Tower of Fantasy

libra constellation link tower of fantasy: In the Tower of Fantasy, you’ll find a lot of activities you can use for rewards.

You can get a lot of rewards through them such as gold nuclei, black nuclei, and more.

However, you can complete an activity that is the constellation link.

You can do this by finding and interacting with smart telescopes in the game with ease.

The name of the constellation will be displayed.

However, if you need to complete it in order to receive a reward like Black Nucleus.

But it may also be that you do not know how to complete the constellation because there is no such sign.

However, you will learn about the location of the Libra Nakshatra link on the page and the ways to resolve this tower of fantasy.

That’s why you need to read this page carefully, otherwise, you will not be able to complete any constellation.

libra constellation link tower of fantasy

Libra constellation link location in Tower of Fantasy

You can go northeast/crown mines (at the end) of the bangs to reach the place of the Libra Nakshatra link in the Tower of Fantasy.

Coordinates: 781.6, -346.0.

But Smart Telescope will be seen at the end of the mountain.

Because it is located next to the supply pod and small fortress.

How to solve the Libra constellation link

libra constellation link tower of fantasy

To solve the constellation link of Libra you will need to form a “triangle and two lines” pattern.

When after you have made the “triangle and two lines” pattern, it will say “connected”.

However, you will need to obtain 1x Black Nucleus (Special Order result) to complete this puzzle.

But Libra will be seen in the southern celestial hemisphere.

Because it translates perfectly to “weighing scales” in Latin.

However, the brightest star in the constellation is Beta Librae.

Final Words

When you have read this page correctly, you’ll easily know the location of the bent constellation link and how to resolve this tower of fantasy.

If you have any problem with us, you can also tell us through the box. We can help you save your trouble in a short time.

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