PRmovies (2023) – Download and Watch Movies Online [FREE]

prmovies pr movies prmovie prmovies apk: In this page today, we’re going to talk about the promovies, and how to watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies online from the promovies.

It has often been seen that many people search a website to save some money on which a test movie can be shown for free.

Today we are about to talk about the promovies in this article and how you can see a lot of movies online for free using this website.

So far, we have researched and analyzed a lot of websites. We have got a website that is ready to show your favorite films online.

Through this article you can easily see your favorite Hollywood movie and Bollywood movie for free, then let’s start.

How online Hollywood and Bollywood movies can be viewed free of charge.

▷ PRmovies (2023) – Download and Watch Movies Online [FREE]

Website Name PRmovies | Prmovie | Pr movies | Pr movie | Prmovi
Started in [Not found]
Content-type Illegal movie downloading website
Apk Prmovies APK (prmovies app)
Owner Not known
Telegram Prmovies Telegram
Traffic 300k Traffic per month (According to aherfs)

What is PRmovies?

prmovies pr movies prmovie prmovies apk

Often many people use promovies to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free.

Although this propovies is completely an illegal website, this website originated in Peru, this website was first brought to the 2011 Internet.

Since then, this PRO website provides Hollywood and Bollywood movies online free of charge.

This website looks like another illegal movie website.

Although this PRmovies website has been banned in many countries.

Because this website offers free-of-charge Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

A lot of websites that provide this type of movie ban many countries every day.

But as often as this type of website is used, the owner of this website changes the new domain name and starts again.

However, the time for running a website that provides this type of movie is that most people can see the movie that is it.

This is the reason that people often use the Prmovies website to watch movies for free.

On the Prmovies website, you will find it easy to watch online in Hollywood and Bollywood’s Latest Movie HD.

How to download movies from PR Movies?

If you have also made up your mind to download the latest movie through PRmovies website, then you should know how to download the movie through this website.

Step 1: To download the movie, you must first go to the official website of PRmovies

Step 2: Now you have to select the movies which you want to download or you want to watch online.

However, there is a problem here you cannot download or watch movies online through the PR movies website.

This is the reason that this website has been completely closed, and that is why this website has stopped providing links to the movies.

However, when you use a mobile or computer to download the latest movie, even if you are using VPN.

You will see a downloading option on the PR movies website when you click on this downloading option it redirects you to another website.

You can easily download the movie you want to download by clicking on it.

But you can never watch PR movies website online, nor can you download direct movies through this website.

How to download the Prmovies app?

If you want to download PRmovies app on your device, then you should follow the steps given by us.

Step 1: First of all click on the PRmovies app link.

Step 2: After that click on the PRmovies app download button.

Step 3: After clicking on the button PRmovies app will start downloading.

What are the latest movies leaked by Prmovies?

The latest movies leaked by the Prmovies were:

  • Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Govinda Naam Mera (2022)
  • The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Fall (2022) Season 1 (Hotstar Specials)
  • DJ Wale Babu (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Google Kuttappan (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • About Fate (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Kangaroo Valley (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Love Guru (2022) Season 1 Part 1 (Ullu Originals)
  • Matto Ki Saikil (2022)
  • Nanny (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Ticket to Paradise (2022) Hindi Dubbed
  • Crocodile Island (2020) Hindi Dubbed
  • Hornet (2018) Hindi Dubbed
  • Fall (2022) Season 1 (Hotstar Specials)
  • Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator (2022) Season 1 (Netflix)
  • Single’s Inferno (2022) Season 2 Hindi Dubbed (Netflix)

How does the Prmovies website work?

PRmovies website serves to provide the latest HD collection of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam movies for free.

Although all the movies are mostly downloaded through other legal alternative websites, you will have to face some advertisements while downloading Hollywood or Bollywood movies.

Because this website also earns through advertisements, that’s why do you get to watch the latest movies on this type of website

Which is the live link (Active link) of permovies? (prmovies link)

The active link or the live link of the prmovies was:

How much traffic does the prmovies website gets per month?

The traffic that prmovies gets per month is 300k traffic per month.

What is the movie category in Prmovies?
The movie category in prmovies was:

  • New Bollywood Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Animations
  • Hollywood Movies
  • Web-series
  • WWE
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Old Hollywood movies
  • South Movies

What is the quality of the movie available in pr movie?

The quality of the movie available in pr movies was:

  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p
  • 300 MB
  • 400 MB
  • 720 MB
  • DVDRip
  • Blue-ray
  • DVDscr
  • MPEG
  • MKV Formats
  • Full HD Quality

What is the source of income for prmovies?

Often this type of website earns its earnings through advertisements, when you download any movie from these websites, you see a lot of advertisements. Through these advertisements, this website earns all its money.

1. Popup ads

prmovies pr movies prmovie prmovies apk

2. Sending traffic to different websites

3. Redirecting to multiple links

What are the different domains of prmovies?

The different domains which are available of prmovies were:

What are the pros and cons of pr movies?

The pros and cons of pr movies were:

Pros Cons
1. You can download the latest movies from this website for free. 1. Illegal website
2. You do not need to pay any money to download any movie. 2. Can’t watch movies online
2. In just a few clicks, you download the latest movie. 3. Can’t download movies online.
4. Popup ads which were frustrating

What are the top searched keywords in Prmovies?

The top searched keywords in prmovies were:

  • prmovies co
  • prmovies me
  • prmovies web series
  • prmovies apk
  • prmovies app
  • prmovies hindi
  • prmovies free
  • prmovies apk download
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  • prmovies apk download free
  • prmovies 2020
  • prmovies. co
  • prmovies com deadpool 2 hindi
  • prmovies proxy, prmovies website
  • prmovies app download for android
  • prmovies pr movies prmovie prmovies apk
  • prmovies pr movies prmovie prmovies apk

Is pr movie safe to use?

Not at all because this website is completely Illegal when you download the latest movie to your device through this website, the risk of spoiling your device increases because the virus from this type of website easily penetrates your device Is.

When you download a test movie from this type of website, you see a variety of advertisements that your device might be hacked as you click.

That’s why it’s completely harmful to your device, you should avoid this type of website.

Using Prmovies is legal or illegal?

Yes, PRmovies website is completely illegal, it can cause you many problems, and that’s why you have to avoid downloading movies from this website.

But when you download any latest movies from this website then you will not face any kind of legal action because legal action is on the owner of this type of website.

What are the Legal alternatives of prmovies?

The Legal alternatives of Prmovies were:

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Hotstar
  4. Voot
  5. Sony live
  6. Mx player


Downloading movies from this type of website is illegal and a punishable offense, however, the purpose of this article is only to give you a correct idea about this type of website so that you can avoid downloading movies from this type of website.

Our website does not promote privacy and legal activities in any way nor does it ask to download movies from such type of website.


If you download movies from prmovies will you go to jail?

There is no such rule that if you download a movie from an illegal website then you cannot be harmed in any way.

Although the owner of this type of website can be jailed because it is completely illegal.


So, this is all for the ▷ PRmovies (2023) – Download and Watch Movies Online [FREE]

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