Seafood Soup Recipe in Tower of Fantasy

seafood soup recipe tower of fantasy: In Tower of Fantasy, you’ll find tons of recipes that you can make with ease. But you’ll need to find a recipe before you can make the right kind of food.

However, finding a recipe requires you to reach a 100% success rate and collect the right types of ingredients in the cooker. But one recipe you can easily find is the Seafood Soup Recipe in Tof.

When you get all the ingredients, after that you can easily make the recipe by keeping all these ingredients in the cooker.

But you don’t know which of these ingredients are there and which are not because there is no such indication.

You will learn how to make Seafood Soup Recipe in Tower of Fantasy when you read this page properly.

seafood soup recipe tower of fantasy

Seafood Soup recipe in Tower of Fantasy

Seafood Soup recipe in Tower of Fantasy

Seafood Soup recipe in Tower of Fantasy:

  • 3x Conch
  • 2x Scallop
  • 10x Lettuce

Seafood Soup recipe (after discovery):

  • 3x Conch
  • 2x Scallop
  • 1x Lettuce

You will easily get 100% success once you put 3x shellfish, 2x oysters, and 10x lettuce in the cooker first.

But in some conditions, it also happens that often many people don’t have much shellfish if you don’t have then you can add Scallops/Lettuce till reaches 15/15 now.

You can however get more shellfish instead of Scallops/Lettuce to make it 100%.

But the less content you have, the less success you will have.

Once you’ve got the recipe, you can easily make it by adding 3x shellfish, 2x scallops, and 1x lettuce to your cooker.

Choose “Cooking” to prepare the right kind of soup for you.

Once done, you get 1x Seafood Soup.

But if you want to get another recipe also then you have to put the same ingredients in your cooker and try again.

When you consume food, you will regenerate 10 satiety for 900 seconds and take +1% +45 ice damage.

You can easily get shellfish along the coast in Anchorville.

Although you can find Scallops on the shore in the HT201 Shelter, you may be able to find them there.

And you can get lettuce all around Astra.

Final Words

When you read this page properly you will see how to make Seafood Soup in Tower of Fantasy, and what ingredients are used in it.

In this article, you will get all such information, if you have any problem regarding this article, then you can tell us through the comment box, and we can solve your problem easily.

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