The Vermin Brothers Locations in Tower of Fantasy

the vermin brother locations: Tower of Fantasy has tons of missions and quests that you have to complete for rewards.

You get to see side quests, stories, cutscenes, bosses, and a lot more.

But what you want to get rewards for are these game currencies.

However, there is one activity that you can easily do to get the Maglev Stalker in Tof.

Getting the Maglev Stalker in Tof is one of the parts needed to build a Changer vehicle.

You have to kill the Vermin Brothers and Gamma Mouse Squeak to get it, but you’ll find it in specific places.

But if you do not know how to open them.

So in this article, you will learn the Gamma House Squeak/the Vermin Brothers locations in Tower of Fantasy in order to farm them.

the vermin brother locations

The Vermin Brothers locations in Tower of Fantasy

Gamma Mouse Squeak/The Vermin Brothers locations in Tower of Fantasy

  1. Rat’s Den Squeaky
  2. Rat’s Den: Jed.
  3. Rat’s Den: Mitchell.
  4. North of Signal Station Ruins (on the road).

Your goal is to kill the boss in those four areas and cycle through them.

This has to do with the fact that it takes them a long time to lay eggs

However, the Vermin Brothers/Gamma Mouse Squeak takes down the Maglev Stalker with ease.

Although if seen, the drop rate of Maglev Stalker is much less than 1%.

That’s why you have to get a drop because it fulfills the need to farm a lot of bosses.

However, according to a youtube comment it takes about 200 plus tries to get it right.

You have a 95% chance to get green loot, a 4.5% chance to get purple loot, and a 0.5% chance to get vehicle loot. Let’s say this.

Although one YouTuber has this comment that he has been farming for more than 40 hours but he still did not get a single drop.

You will find the Boss, a large yellow robot wielding a sword.

However, when you find Gamma Mouse Squeak/the Vermin Brothers is a breed of discipline, you can go to the mob channel.

You can easily change the channel by selecting your current channel above the minimap and entering the number of channels you want to change.

That way you can farm the boss without any players getting in your way.

If you don’t get the Maglev Stalker drop, you transmit to another location. Because it will take you a lot of time to spawn the boss.

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