Why is Twitter Blue Not Showing?

Have you ever been on Twitter Blue app is not visible or it is not working or has disappeared?

A few years ago, Twitter launched this feature in June 2021.

You can easily get to it by typing in your profile picture on the app it’s very easy, but there must be a “Twitter Blue” tab.

But if seen, the tabs of many people have disappeared.

Even if you have updated your app to the latest version sometime back still not getting it anywhere.

You will learn from this article why Twitter is not showing on Blue App, it has completely disappeared or it is not working, you are going to know this information in this article, on how to fix it.

Twitter Blue Not Showing
Twitter Blue not Showing

Why is Twitter Blue not showing?

Twitter’s blue tick is not showing because it is not yet available in your country or region.

If we talk about Twitter Blue has been made available to only a few main countries from the Twitter Help Center.

Innova covers select countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and India.

If you are not a citizen of all these countries then you cannot get a Twitter Blue membership.

But you must keep in mind that from time to time, new facilities are offered to the customers only when they become available.

That’s why some of the best features related to Twitter may not be launched simultaneously on the mobile app or on twitter.com.

How to fix Twitter Blue not showing

If your Twitter Blue is not showing up If you want to fix it then to fix it you will need to update the Twitter app to the latest version.

But this can be possible only if you live in America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or India.

If you do not live in these main countries, then you will have to wait until this feature is released in your country itself.

We are saying this because, at present, Twitter Blue is being tested day by day, which shows that even after some time Twitter Blue may be released in your country.

You can keep it similar to Snapchat Plus because only a few countries have reached its facility so far.

As of now, there is no “ETA” at all, so Twitter is releasing its work globally.

But you have to continue using the app’s free version for now without any premium updates.

If you need more accurate information about Twitter Blue you can visit the Twitter Help Center.

Because the Twitter Help Center gets a lot of questions every day from a lot of users, the Twitter Help Center gives you the right answers, like what is its cost, what features are included in it, and how to get Twitter Blue.

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