How to Fix WhatsApp Stuck on “Connecting”

WhatsApp Stuck Connecting: Is your WhatsApp stuck on “Connecting” on the home page or chat for a long time, even though you have a good internet connection, you still can’t connect to WhatsApp completely.

Although WhatsApp is one of the very few social video platforms that go down, it is bound to happen.

If yours has also been stuck on “Connecting” on the WhatsApp home page or chat for a while and you want to fix it.

In this guide shared by us, you will get to learn why your WhatsApp is not connecting and how to fix the stuck on “Connecting”.

WhatsApp Stuck Connecting


Why is WhatsApp not connecting?

WhatsApp Stuck Connecting

Perhaps your WhatsApp is not connecting because you do not have an internet connection or your internet speed is too slow.

Though it could also happen that maybe WhatsApp is down and you need to wait a bit for WhatsApp backup.

It has finally been seen that there was a global outage of WhatsApp till the end of October.

If you need information about a perfect WhatsApp downtime, you can go to Twitter.

Because at that time more than one million people have tweeted about WhatsApp.

Most people are coming on Twitter to see if WhatsApp is down or not #WhatsappDown”.

Even though a lot of people have their WhatsApp working fine, they still come to Twitter to see what’s the problem with everyone else #WhatsappDown”.

In today’s time, people often come to Twitter to know what is going on during WhatsApp.

How to fix WhatsApp stuck on “Connecting”

If your WhatsApp is stuck on “Connecting” for some time, you will need to switch to WiFi or mobile data or change your WiFi to fix it.

However, you can also try closing and re-opening your WhatsApp group, or turning it on and off in airplane mode.

But still, if your WhatsApp is down then you can wait for it to break up.

Fix 1: Switch to Wi-Fi or mobile data

If you are connected to any WiFi then you can also try to search on your mobile data.

Or if you are connected to mobile data then you can go towards WiFi.

Fix 2: Change your Wi-Fi

It is often seen that the speed of many WiFi networks is very slow.

You can replace your WiFi with any other network, and connect your WhatsApp with ease.

Fix 3: Force close WhatsApp and reopen it

If you’re using an iPhone mobile, swipe up from the bottom of your screen > scroll down to WhatsApp > swipe up > you can now reopen WhatsApp.

If you are using Android mobile then you have to swipe up from the bottom of your screen > Swipe up to completely close WhatsApp > Now you can open your WhatsApp again.

Fix 4: Turn on airplane mode and turn it off

You have to use 3 steps to fix WhatsApp.

First, you need to turn on Airplane Mode on your device.

Then you need to turn off Airplane Mode on your device.

Now you have to open your WhatsApp again.

Fix 5: Wait for the WhatsApp servers to be backed up

If your WhatsApp has been down for a while, you can wait for it to come back up.

To check you out completely you can go to Twitter and there you can easily search for “Whatsapp down”.

You can see the minimum number of tweets to get a fair idea about WhatsApp and whether a lot of people are tweeting about it.

However, you can easily check whether WhatsApp is down or not by visiting

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