What is the difference between ” Whome and Whom ” in English grammar?

Whome vs Whom can easily be mistaken for each other, as they are very similar in both spelling and especially pronunciation.

But Whom is a completely wrong spelling, there is no such dictionary in English, often many dictionaries see it as the old-fashioned present of someone, but they are not used correctly.

As you are reading through this lift how I will explain these two words, here we will try to understand the difference between these two dictionaries.

Whome vs Whom

Whome vs. Whom

Meaning of Whom:

If seen, the word “Who” is derived from the pronoun “Who”. This dictionary refers to the object of the sentence. This dictionary can also be used as a relative pronoun to refer to any person in which Mentioned in the first sentence.

I see the other and it is used instead of repeating “who” in this sentence.


  • To whom were you asking the question today?
  • To them who could be concerned with this?
  • This is my dearest son, with whom I am very pleased.
  • I have five brothers, of whom I work with three brothers.

Whome vs. Whom

Meaning of Whome:

We already told you this on set that “Whom” is often completely misspelled “Whom”. This is a common mistake that many people make because of the similarity in pronunciation and spelling.


Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are (that’s just wrong) Most of the time it’s easy to misplace who because it’s a homophone.

Who am I speaking to today? (This is almost certainly false)

Final tips:

If seen, there is no fixed pattern of making words in the English language, that is why it is very important that you should always check the dictionary before using words so that you do not make any such mistake, easily Also to avoid such mistakes which are out of your control.

The best way for you to know the difference between these two words is to keep in your mind that “whose” is the correct dictionary and the other dictionary is wrong.

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