How to Fix “You Can’t Send Messages for 3 Days” on Instagram

you cant send messages for 3 days: Are you also getting the “You can’t send messages for 3 days” error on Instagram?

Do you want to get rid of this error If you want to get rid of this error then read this article properly.

Here is the second part of this error, “Something you sent in chat went against our Community Guidelines”.

But there is a button under the error that takes you to the Community Guidelines page with ease.

However, you do not have the option of making any appeals and cannot send messages.

Today on this page you will learn how to fix the error “You cannot send messages for 3 days” on Instagram, Messenger, or Facebook.

So let’s get started.

you cant send messages for 3 days
you cant send messages for 3 days

Why can’t I send messages for 3 days on Instagram?

you cant send messages for 3 days

You can’t send messages on your Instagram for 3 days because you shared some content with your friends that completely violates the community guidelines.

But in many cases, it also happens that due to some mistake you are blocked from sending messages.

However, the new update of Instagram has completely changed this algorithm which completely detects Community Guidelines violations in your messages.

But many users are blocked from sending messages even if the users have done nothing wrong.

You can get this type of error in your messages on both Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

We have shared some such reports here “So I tried to reply to my elder brother on messenger and I came to know that I can’t send message to any person for 3 days” even though I have not done any such thing The messenger that blocks me.

“Though this happened to me too when I was chatting with my friends on chat”.

“I can no longer send messages to any subscribers from my personal page”.

However, a lot of users say that I have been banned due to alleged abuse.

But before doing this Instagram team should fix their algorithm.

How to fix “You Can’t Send Messages for 3 Days” on Instagram

If you want to fix “You can’t send messages for 3 days” on Facebook Messenger or Instagram, you can either stop sending messages for 3 days or you can use the Instagram web.

You can however use a different account, or you can easily report a problem on the Instagram app.

Otherwise, you will have to wait for Instagram to fix the new algorithm.

However, currently, Facebook Messenger is blocking people from sending messages to Instagram due to an algorithm error even if no user has violated any guidelines.

Fix 1: Wait for 3 days

  • To send a message to anyone, you have to wait for three days.
  • However, in some cases, you will have to wait for more than 3 days to remain unrestricted.
  • This error is temporary although you will be able to send the message again at the end, “You can’t send messages for 3 days”.

Fix 2: Use Instagram Web

  • If you have to send a message to your friends, you can try using the web version of Instagram.
  • Method 1: On your device, you go to the official website, log in to your account now, select “Message”, and try to send the message now.
  • Method 2: You must download Instagram from the Microsoft Store, now you must log in to your account and try to send the message.

Fix 3: Use another account

  • If you have several accounts on Instagram, you can turn on your second account to send you a message because this type of error will not occur on your second account.
  • To switch your account, tap the user name where you want to switch to your profile, and now select the account you want to switch to.
  • But if you don’t have another Instagram account, you can create a new account by going to your profile and typing in your user name, and selecting “Add account”.

Fix 4: Report a problem

  • First of all, you go to your Instagram profile and there you click the menu icon.
  • Now you report the setting> Help> issue.
  • Report your problem > Include and continue.
  • Now let me know your problem and send the report.

Here’s what you should pay attention to: If you’ve enabled “Shake phone to report a problem”, you open a message, shake your phone, and file a problem report there.

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